In this era of knowledge explosion, it is of Immense use for the teachers to be updated with the advancement of information technology. As such this website with undoubtedly help the past and present producers of Ruhuna to the aware of their second mother- Ruhuna NCOE
To provide for the School System a Teacher Who is Professionally Competent and Committed to Fulfill the Objectives of The National Colleges of Education and Possessing the Efficiency, Enthusiasm and Innovativeness Necessary to Face the Future Challenges.

Message From the President

Ruhuna NCOE Diplomats (2011-2013) Passing Out Ceremony will be held on 30th november 2013
Farewell to the 2011-2013 batch!!
2013 Third term ends on 7th December
2014 First term begins on 2nd January

Kurunduwatta, Walahanduwa, Sri Lanka
To Produce a Quality Teacher Through Pre-Service and Continuing Education Endowed with Professional Competence Capable of Supporting the Progress of The Global Society

It is with great enthusiasm that I send this message to the web site of Ruhuna NCOE.
We, as one of the NCOEs in Sri Lanka provide initial training in Primary Education,Social Science and Home economics to the prospective teachers who gain admission to the college from their A/L Z score.
Apart from academic work, the prospective teachers become fully fledged and competent because of the co-curricular activities they take part in hence, I am proud to say that we produce a generation of resourceful and versatile, competent teachers to the society our younger generation.

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